John Michael

First timer John Michael is a striking straight lad with a talent...he shoots VERY hard! This is one hot solo right from the start and John's first time ever on camera. He's a confident lad with a great look - piercing green eyes, which he looks at you with a real intensity, and dark, almost black hair. His features are sharp and chissled. Very striking. His body is tight and toned from years of martial arts training. He doesn't have an ounce of fat on him, just taut lean muscle. His dick is a thick 7.5 incher, uncut...with something unusual. He's implanted a square piece of plastic just under the skin towards the end of his shaft, which he can move around. I've never seen anything like it. Those of you who like something a bit different will find this an interesting one! John begins on the sofa, legs wide apart, loose shiny shorts with no underwear giving you an almost instant peak of whats inside. As he rubs his bulge and looks at the camera with a mischievous glint in his eye, it's clear he enjoys being looked at knows how to work it. He lifts his vest to reveal super tight washboard abs, then lifts it further to show his nipples, which he plays with for a bit. He lifts his top up, behind his head, and slips his hand into his shorts to start playing with himself. As his bulge grows you can see his hard-on start to poke against the fabric of his silky shorts. He pulls his balls out the side of his shorts - they are completely untrimmed. John's the type who has never been anywhere near a trimmer and all his pubic hair is natural. He rubs his firm balls, then goes back to playing with his dick. When he pulls his shorts down we get our fist good look at his perfect cock. It's big and thick and uncut, with manly bushy pubes. As John gets harder, you can see the hard lump of his implant on the side of his cock. I've seen piercings before, and metal implants, but never plastic. John says he did it himself. He has a mad tattoo on his arm as well. I think John likes things on the bizarre fetish kind of side. He gets rock solid and plays with his hard cock, jerking off slow for us, with sexy little looks to the camera. He stands and pulls off his shorts, rubs a little oil into his muscles and wanks a bit more. Then he plays with his implant a bit, pushing it around gently beneath the surface of his skin. John says he loves how it feels. He returns to jerking off, his dick rock solid and bulging, and we get some very hot angles, some tight close ups of his big dick, shiny with oil as he beats it harder and harder. As his stroking gets faster, his breathing gets heavier. He maintains this intensity, then suddenly, a MASSIVE jet of cum squirts out SO HARD it flies about two meters across the room! He shoots three more spurts like this, equally powerful, and keeps on jerking, and squeezing out more cum. It is one of the hardest and strongest cum shots I've ever seen. Amazing. He is one very unique lad!
Featuring:  John Michael
Release Date: 03/12/2024